Durable Waist Support

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Durable Waist Support

 The ONLY Medical-Grade Sports Back Brace Designed To Prevent Injury, Relieve Pain, and Slim & Shape Your Waist!

Are you fed up with chronic lower back pain that keeps you on the "sidelines" of life? Do you constantly worry about your back during sports or heavy lifting tasks? Discover the next generation of removable lumbar support with our durable Waist Support! Crafted of the highest-quality materials, our back brace features unrivaled stabilising technology paired with "forget you have it on" comfort.

Lumbar support brace/sports belt: The advanced double-adjustment mechanism provides flexible compression that moves with you while ensuring proper muscular and skeletal alignment. Reduces the strain on pain-generating structures like muscles, nerves, ligaments, and discs. Quickly relieves central backache and radiating/shooting pain. Unlike many belts, ours doesn't ride up or fold over-so you feel secure and supported during any activity, whether it's golf, moving around the house or rock climbing!

Waist shaper & fat burner: Simply the best fitness belt you'll find anywhere on the market today! The inner elastic boning acts like a corset to provide vital support and posture correction for your lower back during exercises such as squats or just lifting heavy items. At the same time, the Neoprene wrap provides a thermogenic effect that burns belly fat for that slimmer mid-section you've been striving for.

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