Dip Belt Weight Lifting

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Dip Belt Weight Lifting

Do You Want Herculean Biceps, A Broad V Shaped Back And Chiseled Horseshoe Triceps That Swell Against Your Shirt Sleeves?

Then you need to use big exercises like squats, dead lifts, presses, dips and chins. These are the movements that all the big guys are doing. Without them you'll only develop small, flat muscles with little shape or size.

To build large slabs of muscle you need to move a lot of weight. With squats, dead lifts and presses you can add more to the bar. But what about tricep dips, pullups or chins?

Once you can manage your own weight, you need to add more resistance and this is why Elite Body Squad's Pro dipping belt can supercharge your workouts.

Our top of the range dip belt is made from superior materials and manufactured to the highest quality by some of the best craftsmen in the world.

Our 'Premium' belts feature...

* A longer heavy duty chain which allows the weight to hang away from your body with less chance of injury

* Unlike leather, our padded neoprene dip belts are super comfortable - designed to sit safely on the hips... it won't slip or dig in to the skin like leather.

* Extremely lightweight and compact - perfect to take with you to the gym

* Our unique 2 clip system allows you to load and unload the belt almost instantly

Add size to your arms, back and chest by using our pro grade dip belt. Boost your workouts and add muscle fast - our dipping belt is the solution for you.

Using this belt for tricep dips, weighted pull-ups and chins will help you to get stronger and build a more muscular body - GUARANTEED!

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